Mary Moore Mitchell

Mary Moore Mitchell

Mary Moore Mitchell Scholarship

Established in 1986, the Mary Moore Mitchell Scholarship grant was founded by Library Interiors, Inc. The recipient of the Mary Moore Mitchell scholarship is selected by the Scholarship Committee with the advice of the faculty of the Louisiana State University School of Library and Information Science. It is awarded each year to a library science student by the Louisiana Library Association at its annual conference.

Miss Mary Moore Mitchell was the librarian for the Richland Parish Library, in the city of Rayville, in 1961. She was a graduate of Mississippi State College for Women and attended Emory College in Atlanta. During the decade of the sixties, Miss Mitchell worked hard to fulfill her dream of acquiring a new headquarters library for Richland Parish. In April of 1969, her dream became a reality and in addition to a grant for the headquarters library in Rayville, a grant was also secured for libraries in Mangham and Delhi. On December 5, 1971, Miss Mitchell welcomed guests from all over the State of Louisiana when the doors of the Rayville headquarters formally opened.

Miss Mitchell retired on September 1, 1975 and passed away in October of 1979.

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